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About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda Black!  Aside from being a Digital Illustrator & Animation artist, I am also a biologist!  I love to utilize my knowledge and experience working in biological sciences to create unique, nature and science-inspired artwork.  Here’s what I can do for you!

Business Illustrations

My mission is to help your business tell its story and enhance its appearance to reach your unique goals for branding, marketing, or education.  With eye-catching and dynamic logos, icons, and illustrated stories, I can help you show your customers what truly sets you apart.

Personal Illustrations

I would be honored to design your portrait, pet memorial, tattoo, or any other imagery you can dream up!  I can create an illustrated version of your photo, a digital version of your children’s drawing, or turn your best joke into a comic strip!  Get your design printed on shirts, stickers, bags, phone cases, pillows, mugs, and more. 


Logo & Identity

Illustration & Icons

Motion & Interaction

why black owl creative?


Make your logo stand out above the rest!  Surprise your customers with movement within your logo, or tell stories about your brand with animations of your brand mascot!

Capture your customers’ interest and imagination with picture book or comic strip style illustrations!  

Rather than boring plain text that most people won’t take the time to read, you can express a clear idea or invoke a deep emotion with images that explain your purpose.

  • Logo Design
  • Story Illustrations
  • Icon Sets
  • Motion Graphics

Recent Work


Animated imagery for Red Fish Viral

Animated Logo + Brand Messaging

Stylized paintbrush

Brand Messaging + Iconography

Digital Portrait

Personalized Gift

Brand Story for Red Fish Viral

Brand Messaging

Colorful cicada

Personal Story Project